· We concentrate on each property's positive attributes and seek to
  overcome objections.
· Maintain property to maximize life expectancy of structure
  and equipment.
· Perform day-to-day operations of the property.
· Review or establish emergency procedures necessary for the smooth
  operation of the property
· Hire, train, and supervise project employees.
· Establish or review specifications and contracts for project services.
· Complete operating and capital budgets based on projected lease-up
  and future capital expenditures.
· Prepare monthly and/or quarterly reports including; Financial, Leasing
  and Management Reports.


· Conscientious effort is made to retain existing tenants by evaluating
  current tenant base to avoid vacancies
· Establishment of target market defining the market size and scope for
  the subject property by comparing both the physical and financial
· Establishment of leasing parameters and goals being mindful of the
  importance of maintaining property integrity while preserving the value of
  the property for potential sale.
· Evaluation of signage and marketing material to insure quality and
  communicative ability.